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Canon Copier Tips

by Ronda Weber

April 13, 2010


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Printing to the Copier Mailbox

1.  After creating your document, click File|Print.
2.  In the upper right-hand corner of the print dialogue box select Store instead of "Print."
3.  A dialogue box will appear telling you that the copier mode has been switched store mode.
4.  In the next box, givethe file a name in the top text box and then click on the number of your mailbox (please note that your mailbox number is the same for both copiers, but you can only send to one of these mailboxes at a time).  Click Ok.

Retrieving Items From the Copier Mailbox

1.  Go to the copier that you stored your item to.
2.  Click on the Mailbox button above the touchpad screen.
3.  Select the number of your personal mailbox.
4.  If you entered a numerical password for your mailbox enter it now.
5. Select the document that you want to print by using the touchpad to highlight it.
6.  Select Print document, and press the start button.