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One-Act Hosting Information

by Candace Cain


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Goldenrod One-Act 2009



September 30th, 2009


Dear Goldenrod Conference One-Act Directors:


The Goldenrod conference One-Act Play Contested will be hosted by Burwell at the Burwell Elementary on Tuesday, November 24, 2009.  The contest will tentatively begin at 8:15 with the first play starting at 8:30 am.   The school will be open at 7:30am for those of you who would like to unload early.  


Please send you cast lists by November 2nd.    List them in the following way in the order that they appear on the stage.  Don¢â¡Át forget to list crew members as well as directors as well at title and author of the play.  

Character.............................Student Name


The date and time of the draw is on November 5th at 6pm at Burwell High School Results from the draw will be emailed out to schools. 

 Morning Schools                             Afternoon Schools

Burwell                                                  Greeley-Wolbach

Cedar Rapids                                    Palmer

North Loup-Scotia                              Nebraska Christian

Elba                                                     St Edward

Spalding/Spalding Academy                  Heartland Lutheran


Names of judges for the contest will be sent out to all schools in the email about performance times.  I have sent contracts out and am waiting for them to be returned.


Please note that the doors that go in and out of the gym are 35 inches wide and 80 inches high.  Check you set pieces to make sure that they will go though this door size.  We ask that sets go in through the main elementary door and set exit out the boys locker room door to aid in the flow of the day.  There will be areas in the gym to keep some set items if need.  Areas will be assigned.


A stage diagram is enclosed as well as light we have on the stage.  We do not have dimmers on lights so they are on or off.  We do have foot lights that work on three switches so that light can be built from dim to bright.  White over head lights in the first row above the stage and these lights are on three switches so the can be built from dim to light.  The rear above lights are red, blue, and white lights are in the second row and each color has its own switch.  I have included location of curtain breaks and outlets on the stage to aid you in your stage entrances.  We do have one follow spot with colors.  Please let me know if there is anything that I can do so that you team feels comfortable on our stage.


Schools will use the locker rooms that are off the stage and will be asked to remove their items prior to their plays start so that other schools can get ready.  

We will have a concession stands and I will contact you at a later date with more details.  Our main food items will be pizza and we would like to put in a preorder to ensure that we have enough on hand for all.


Please respond to this email to ensure that all information has gotten out to the respective schools.


If you have questions, please email or call.  My school number is 308-346-4150.  My office hours are from 1:40-3:15.  


Break a leg as you prepare for the contest season.


Candace Cain


Burwell stage at Elm.jpg: ,    Stage Layout

Burwell Lights at Elm.jpg: ,   Light Layout