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English 9 Class Information

by Candace Cain

April 19, 2016


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English 9 Information

Teacher: Miss Candace Cain                                   Email: candace.cain@burwellpublicschools.com


I hope that this will be a fun and educational class for you all.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you be successful in this class.


  Grading Procedure

Book Report 10%

Home Work  25%

Speeches/Essay  20%

Vocabulary  20%

Tests 25%



In English 9 students practice reading through assigned literature and outside

reading for book reports.  Students also practice oral speaking and interpretation with performances

and are required to practice study skills.  Students will have to memorize the Latin prefixes, roots

and suffixes.  The students learn and understand the meaning of literature as it relates to life.  They write

 in journals, write sentences, paragraphs, and essays on exams.

Students must earn a 90 or above on prefix and root word tests.

 Book report pages are due the week before the end of each nine weeks.


# of Pages 

% Grade

Letter Grade

# of Pages 

% Grade

Letter Grade




































Students will also need to hand in one typed book report by the end of the second term.  This book report counts towards the 1000 pages requirement.  The typed book report will need to follow essay format

 with an introduction, three or more body paragraphs and a conclusion. In the essay there should be a

 paragraph that describes the major characters, a paragraph that describes the plot, and a

 paragraph as to how the student connected to the piece of literature (What did you learn from reading the book?) 


Students will…. —identify the main idea and supporting details in what they have read.

 —locate, evaluate, and use primary and secondary resources for research.

 —identify and use characteristics to classify different types of text.

 —analyze literature to identify the stated or implied theme.

 —identify and apply knowledge of the text structure and organizational elements to analyze non-fiction or informational texts.

 —demonstrate the ability to analyze literary works, non-fiction, films, and media.

 —write using standard English (conversations) for sentence structure, usage, punctuation, 

capitalization, and spelling.

 —write compositions with focus, related ideas, and supporting details.

 —revise and edit persuasive compositions.

 —use multiple forms to write for different audiences and purposes.

 —demonstrate the ability to use self-generated questions, note-taking, summarizing, and outlining while learning.

 —participate in student-directed discussions by eliciting questions and responses.

 —make oral presentations that demonstrate consideration of audience, purpose, and information.


Class Rules:

1.     Bring all materials with you: notebook, portfolio, writing utensil, etc.

2.     Exercise RESPECT: for the material, facility, others, and the instructor. Do not exclude, make fun of people, or use put down.

3.     Be considerate.   This includes your topic selection, language, and content.  Projects that put dugs, alcohol, sex, racism and other related topics in a humorous light will be given a zero.  Show support to all class members.

4.     Be prepared.   Have your work done on time and be prepared to speak on your presentation date.


Please clean up after yourselves.  Many students will use the classroom during the day put things neatly away when you are done with them.  If an item is running low please inform the teacher.


Tardies: The first unexcused tardy is a verbal warning; the second tardy will result in time after school; and the third or more will be points off your participation grade.


Passes:  Hall passes are privileges and are only to be used in emergency situations. Please take care of restroom and drink breaks during passing time. Passes will not be signed the first and last 10 minutes of class, during student presentations, in lecture situations or while I am involved in individual instruction. Before you ask me to sign a pass, please write the destination, my room number, and the time. 


Portfolio:  Students are expected to keep a portfolio for this course.  This should consist of a three-ring binder that accompanies the student at all times.  This will contain class notes, handouts, speeches and critiques; the safest bet is to keep EVERYTHING. It will help you on the semester test and other assignments.


Materials requested: Notebook for a journal, three ring note book, Vocabulary cards, and a book for outside reading.


Makeup/Late Work:  You are responsible for gathering any missed lecture notes or handouts, as well as scheduling a time to make up quizzes and tests.  All work must be made up within two school days for each day missed or the student will receive zero (0) points for that assignment. Late homework will only be accepted the following day with a 50% deduction for tardiness off the grade. In-class work or activities are due during that period without exception. ALL ESSAYS NEED TO BE TYPED.  Plagiarism will not be tolerated! Doing so will result in a zero for the assignment and no option to redo. If a students is caught cheating on an assignment they will get a zero and then redo the assignment for a maximum of 50%.


All assignments must be completed to do extra credit.