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Critel, Jennifer

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August 15, 2017


  1. Every student has the right to receive an education.  Please do not interfere with that right of fellow students.
  2. Respect others and the teacher when they are talking.  No talking or moving about the room when the teacher or another student is speaking.  Putdowns will not be tolerated.
  3. Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.
  4. Bring all needed materials and supplies to class. 

Information Technology Applications – pen or pencil on test day

Accounting – charged up computer, power cord, blue or black pen, notebook

Journalism – charged up computer, power cord, pencil, black pen, notebook

Keyboarding – charged up computer, power cord, blue/black pen on test day

Introduction to Business – charged up computer, power cord, notebook, pencil or blue/black pen, textbook, workbook

Entrepreneurship – charged up computer, power cord, textbook, notebook, pen or pencil

  1. Do not write in textbooks or on desks.  Respect school property and other’s property.
  2. Assignments that are turned in late will lose points.  If an absence is excused, three school days will be allowed to make up the assignment.  If an assignment is not turned in the week it was assigned, the student will be required to report for encore. 
  3. All student materials should be kept in student lockers, not in the desks.
  4. Use of cell phones in the classroom is prohibited. Cell phones are to be turned in the phone zone at the start of class and may be picked up at the end of class.
  5. If using the computer in the classroom, be on task.



  1. Use of food or drink will not be permitted in the lab by students.
  2. Do not write on mouse pads or any computer equipment.
  3. No downloading of games or music will be allowed.  This takes up too much space on the computer.
  4. Clean up around your computer station before you leave.  If you print papers and you do not want them, place them in the recycle box.
  5. Do not sit on computer tables.
  6. Use of nonacademic programs are not permitted (such as games, chat, Facebook).
  7. Tentative hours to be open are from 7:45 AM to 4 PM.
  8. All students should become familiar with the use of the computer.  Misuse of the computer network includes, but is not limited to: using the network for non-school related activities, infringing on other’s rights concerning password abuse, physical vandalism, tampering with any part of the network that is not your property/right.  Misuse of the network will result in the removal of your User ID and/or not being allowed to use the network.
  9. It is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with the Computer Use Policy and Internet Policy.

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