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Order Longhorn Gear Online!

Did you know that you can order Longhorn gear online from the Burwell Booster Club?  Just visit their website managed by Custom Sports to see all of this season's new apparel and show your team spirit.  You can find it online at http://nebraskascreenprinting.com/product-category/team-apparel/burwell/#.Vcu9LK_mHFk.email or visit the Burwell Jr. Sr. High School website and click on the "Horn Booster Gear" button on the right side of the page.  Happy shopping--Go Longhorns!

New Signature pages at the Jr. Sr. High School

With the new one to one Chrome Book program there has been a change in the Signature Pages at the back of the Jr. Sr. High School Student Handbook.

Students will not be given a printed hard copy of the Student Handbook.  The Student Handbook will be on the Jr. Sr. High School web page.

During the Chrome Book check out night the Technology Use and Student Handbook receipt will be given to students.  

These pages are to be returned to school no later than Friday, August 21st.

Medication sheets and Permission to Drive Home during the lunch period will be available at the Jr. Sr. Hgh School Office.


Attack on Asthma

Click Here to Access Attack on Asthma Action Plan Parent Form

Attack on Asthma--Nebraska

The Regulations

Attack on Asthma Nebraska is a protocol followed through Rule59, a regulation from the State of nebraska, that requires all schools to be prepared to respond to a life threatening asthma attack or allergic reation.

Any student that has been diagnosed with ashtma or an allergy must have an action plan on file.  This action plan is used to care for these students in the event of a severe asthma or allergic reation.

The protocol will be used on any individual that does not have an action plan and is exhibiting signs and symptoms of a severe asthma or allergic reation.

The Signs/Symptoms for Activation

The protocol is initiated in the event that a person is exhibiting signs and symptoms of:

Asthma Attack:



Difficulty Breathing

Chest pain, heaviness, tightness

Rapid Breating

Tired, no energy


Blue/Grey tinge lips, nail beds

Severe Allergic Reaction:


Itching on skin, mouth, throat


Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea

Sneezing, coughing

Difficulty swallowing

Shortness of breath


Low Blood pressure

The Protocol

Call 911

Activate Emergency Response Team Members

Administration of an Epi-Pen injection and Albuterol nebulizer

Ongoing assessment of vital signs and need for CPR

Notification of Parent/Guardian

Any individual treated with Epinephrine will be transferred to a medical facility for further care.


The protocol is a signed order by Dr. Holmquist

*Mission Statement AOA Organization:  "No child should die at school from an asthma attack or allergic reation."

Emergency Response Team

High School:

Mr. Owen

Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Donner

Amy Cassidy

Elementary School:

Mr. Goodman

Mrs. Freouf

Mr. Simpson

Mrs. Hughes

Mrs. Christensen


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