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BPS September Activities

Welcome back to Burwell Public Schools!  Mark your calendars for these important activities in September:

September 1, 2014-No School, Labor Day

September 16, 2014-1 pm dismissal, High School Parent-Teacher Conferences

September 17, 2014-10 am start, Teacher In-service


BPS Continues to Encourage the Use of Technology

One to One Computer Initiative

The future for our students includes a world of technology.  A person does not need to look very far to see how technology has revolutionized the global society.  For our students to compete it will require that they not only have the academic skills but they also have to understand and use technology.  The difficult task is that our students have grown up in the world of technology and they really know of no other world.    Burwell’s One to One Initiative is designed to build off that learning curve and to more thoroughly prepare our students.

Last year we started our One to One Computer Initiative, the Board of Education approved entering into a three-year lease to purchase 80 laptop computers.  All juniors and seniors were provided a laptop computer for school use.

To prepare for the One to One Initiative, the school researched this initiative by visiting schools who had implemented this type of program and were provided consultation by the Educational Service Unit in Kearney.  We also provided a series of professional development activities that were designed to prepare teachers to incorporate more technology into their classrooms.  This summer, we had four more teachers attend this training.

In order for your junior or senior to receive their laptop computer, a required parent/student meeting will take place on Wednesday, August 13th at 7:00 pm in the high school library.  If you cannot attend this meeting then another time will need to be arranged to go over the details of the program.


Items  that will be discussed at the meeting: 

1)The User Agreement that both the parents and students will be asked to sign.

2)Each student will be charged a $25 lease fee.  A student fee waiver can be filled out if needed.  The $25 lease fee will be used to help with additional costs associated with the program.

3)Each computer comes with three-year warranty (Think pad protection).  If a computer does not work, the students will be instructed to contact the BHS technology department. The students will not pay to have computers fixed, however, the students are responsible if they are damaged.

4)Insurance on computers.  The students are responsible for the computers. Coverage for the laptop computer can be covered through a parent’s home owner plan or a “inland marine coverage” could be added.  Contacting your insurance agent would be recommended.

            5)More information will be presented at the parent/student meeting. 

Power School/Power Grade 

            Burwell Public Schools will once again be using the PowerSchool, a computerized student information system, to track attendance, grades, medical information, lunch transactions and more.  PowerSchool offers a way for parents to communicate directly with the School and the individual teachers.  It can also be customized to send grade and attendance email reports to parents.

            All student information is confidentially kept at the central office in the PowerSchool system.  If students or parents notice a discrepancy, in name, address, or any other information they should contact the school office at 346-4150 so that information can be updated.  Likewise, if parents or students have questions about PowerSchool they should not hesitate to contact the school.  Each student/parent will receive an individualized code to access their PowerSchool information.  

BPS Installs New Electronic Door System

New Electronic Door/Buzzer System

            New to Burwell Elementary and Burwell Jr-Sr High School this year is the installation of an electronic buzzer –intercom system.  When you visit school, you will need to be buzzed-in, by the office staff, before entering the school.  The buzzer-intercom system is tied to our computer network system.  There will also be a security camera at each of the main entrances.  Besides the new security door system, we have added five additional security cameras at the high school.  The goal of the new security system is simply to make the facilities more secure.  The system will be in place prior to school starting.  The total cost of the new security system was $39,853.24. 

            Also, tied to our new electronic door/buzzer system is the installation of a phone system/paging system that will connect all of the classrooms.  The new phone system will allow more direct communication between the office and the classrooms.  One new feature is “voice mail” that will allow parents/students to leave messages for the teachers they wish to contact.   Improving the quality of communication is a high priority and we believe the new phone system/paging system will help us achieve this goal.

            No new electronic door/buzzer system was put in District 70.  The doors at District 70 are locked during the school day.  At Burwell Elementary and Burwell Jr/Sr High School there is staff assigned to opening the doors.  At District 70, this responsibility would have fallen on the teacher or aide which would have been more of a disruption to student learning, therefore, no buzzer system was installed at District 70. 

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