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Konicek, Melissa

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Course Descriptions

by Melissa Konicek

May 16, 2016

World Geography

SS 202                                     10 Credits                                     Full Block 

* This course is an elective course 

This course is the study of both physical and cultural Geography. The course is intended to help students develop a better understanding of the physical earth as well as the different groups of people who inhabit it. It is a full block course, the content of which includes: tools and skills, land, water, air and weather, climate and vegetation, world population, Europe, Asia/Middle East, Australia and Oceania, Africa, Latin America, an the United States and Canada. 

Current Issues

SS 203                                      10 credits                                    Full Block 

Elective Course 

This course is the study of problems and issues facing American society currently.  The course is intended to help students develop a better understanding of issues facing our community, state, and country.  Students will take a look at issues and try to develop solutions or suggestions.  It is a full-block course, the content of which includes:  civil rights, civil liberties, ethics, environmental concerns, community service and the court systems.  The students are required to perform 20 hours of service learning within their communities over the course of the semester.

World History/World Geography


SS 204                                        Instructor: Konicek/G. Mann                Credits:  10 

Offered to: 10                              Pre-Requisites:  None                         Full Block


Required Course 


This course covers the history of the world from 1000 C.E. to present. Topics include the Byzantine Empire, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Reformation, the expansion of the European Nations, the Enlightenment period, Europe's Industrial Revolution and major events of the 19th and 20th centuries.


World History/World Geography II


SS 205                                   Instructor: Konicek/G. Mann                Credits: 10

Offered to:  9-12                    Pre-Requisites:  World History I          Full Block 




This course will focus on recent World History beginning post-Imperialism through present day as well as Geographical themes and concepts 


American History II

SS 301                                 10 Credits                                    Full Block

*This course is required for graduation

This course is the study of the history of the United States from the period of Reconstruction after the Civil War to the present time. It is intended to help students better understand the transformation of this country during that time period. Its purpose is to show how the United States progressed and is still progressing today. The class will include domestic as well as international issues and events. It is a full block course, the content of which includes: US Expansion Overseas, Progressive America, WWI and Postwar Years, the Great Depression, WWII and the Holocaust, the Cold War, Vietnam, Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's, Nixon and the 1970's, the Reagan Era, and the 1990's and beyond.

Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, this course will be offered as a dual credit course through Northeast Community College.

American Government

SS 401                                     10 Credits                                    Full Block 

* This class is required for graduation 

This course is the study of government in the United States on the local, state, and national level. The course is intended to help students develop a better understanding of how government works at these different levels. It is a full block course, the content of which includes: foundations of government; choosing and influencing government leaders; the legislative branch; the executive branch; the judicial branch; state and local government and the global community. 

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