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Coin reveals







NeSA Practice Test   username:  ne  Password: Practice

  NeSA Practice Test Key

  NeSA Reference Sheet

Dibels Math Assessment Login

Rounding Rap

Multiplication Fact Practice

Division Fact Practice

Transformation Game

Line Plot Graph explanation video

Line Plot Graph with Squiggy (Object Measurements)

Line Plot practice


Math Tools


Khan Academy Start Page




Map Test Science Practice  Username:   ne   Password::  Practice (select Grade 5)

Chapter 17:  Earth's Cycles

  How the Earth Moves:  Rotation and Revolution


  The Reasons for the Seasons

  Phases of the Moon in September 2017

  Burwell Moon Phases 

  Jeopardy--The Earth, Moon, and Sun

  The Moon

Chapter 18:  The Solar  System

  The Planet Song

  The Planet Song with Words

  Exploring our Solar System

Chapter 1:  Classifying Plants and Animals

  Cells--Levels of Organization (cell, tissue, organ, organ system)

  Animal Cell Structures and Functions

  5 Kingdoms Video

  Carolus Linnaeus (founder of the classification system)

  Carolus Linnaeus video

  A to Z of Animals by Scientific Name

  The Classification Song

  Classification of Living Things Jeopardy

  Animal Adaptations Jeopardy


Chapter 6:  Water Cycle and Weather

Air Pressure (high and low pressure) video

Weather Jeopardy


Chapter 11:  Matter

What is Matter?

Physical and Chemical Changes for Kids

Properties of Matter Jeopardy

How to use a pan balance

Tools of Measurement: Graduated Cylinder and Triple Beam Balance

Reading the Meniscus song

Brain-pop:  Measuring Matter  (username:  lori.mcclintic   password:Longhorns)

Social Studies

  U.S. Map (blank, states east of the Mississippi River)



How to make a snowflake