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Dibels Math Assessment Login

Rounding Rap


Chapter 17:  Earth's Cycles

  How the Earth Moves:  Rotation and Revolution


  The Reasons for the Seasons

  Phases of the Moon in September 2017

  Burwell Moon Phases 

  Jeopardy--The Earth, Moon, and Sun

  The Moon

Chapter 18:  The Solar  System

  The Planet Song

  Exploring our Solar System

Chapter 1:  Classifying Plants and Animals

  Cells--Levels of Organization (cell, tissue, organ, organ system)

  Animal Cell Structures and Functions

  5 Kingdoms Video

  Carolus Linnaeus (founder of the classification system)

  Carolus Linnaeus video

  A to Z of Animals by Scientific Name

  The Classification Song

  Classification of Living Things Jeopardy

  Animal Adaptations Jeopardy

Social Studies

  U.S. Map (blank, states east of the Mississippi River)