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Grading Procedures


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    Elementary Art Grades are based on:         Partcipation -- Did the student participate, follow directions and stay on task?

                                                                   Understanding -- Did the student use the art elements/principles/concepts taught in the lesson?

                                                                                                How well did the student implement the skill or skills that were taught?

                                                                   Craftsmanship -- How well did the student use the art supplies/media?  

                                                                                                 Was the student neat and careful with their work? 

                                                                   Creativity -- Was the student's artwork unique?  Did the student come up with some new and different ideas? 

    The Grading Scale for Art Class:         O    Outstanding

                                                            S+  Satisfactory Plus 

                                                            S    Satisfactory        

                                                            S-   Satisfactory Minus  

                                                            NS  Not Satisfactory 

     In Art Class the acronyms ART and SLANT are posted and used as quick reminders of the expectations in class:

                                                            A   Attention (give your ATTENTION to the speaker)                        S    Sit Up

                                                            R   Respect  (RESPECT others, yourself, and materials)                   L     Listen        

                                                            T   Time (use your TIME wisely)                                                      A    Ask/Answer

                                                                                                                                                                N    Nod

                                                                                                                                                                T    Track