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Golden Sower Award

Burwell High School

Golden Sower

On top of the Nebraska State Capitol in Lincoln, stands a 19,000 pound, bronze statue known as the Sower. He stands barefoot and without hat, sowing seeds in the most primitive manner. He is symbolic of the state of Nebraska as a major agricultural state. He is not merely sowing seeds of grain, but something much greater. He is the symbol of sowing the seeds of agriculture, life, hope and prosperity.

The Sower was chosen as the symbol of the Nebraska children's choice literary award for similar reasons.

The award's sponsors, the Nebraska Library Association, hope the program will sow seeds which:
+stimulate children's thinking
+introduce different types of literature
+encourage independent reading
+increase library information skills
+foster an appreciation for excellence in writing and illustrating

Whether readers are seeking information or reading for pleasure, quality literature presented through the Nebraska Golden Sower Award program will enrich the lives of Nebraska's children and sow seeds of the future. You are invited to learn more about the history of the Golden Sower Award program.

Nebraska's young readers are encouraged to visit their local public library or school library media center to find out how they can participate and vote in the Nebraska Golden Sower Award program.

Access the Golden Sower website at:  www.nebraskalibraries.org/goldensower/

Golden Sower                  

Fever 1793.                                              Anderson, Laurie Hal
0689848919        Books           
   F AND                  T 31804          $3.59          Regular   

Ashes of roses                                           Auch, Mary Jane.    
044023851X        Books           
   F AUC                  T 32039          $3.89          Regular   

Skeleton man                                             Bruchac, Joseph, 194
0064408884        Books           
   F BRU                  T 32010          $3.24          Regular   

The summer of Riley                                      Bunting, Eve, 1928-
0064409279        Books           
   F BUN                  T 32030          $3.89          Regular   

Is anybody there?                                        Bunting, Eve        
8745881           Books           
   F BUN                  T 31771          $2.97          Regular   

Cheating lessons : a novel                               Cappo, Nan Willard.
0689860188        Books           
   F CAP                  T 32068          $3.24          Regular   

Storm warriors                                           Carbone, Elisa Lynn.
0440418798        Books           
   F CAR                  T 32033          $3.58          Regular   

The school story                                         Clements, Andrew, 19
0689851863        Books           
   F CLE                  T 32356          $3.24          Regular   

Things not seen                                          Clements, Andrew, 19
   00069900       Books           
   F CLE                  T 31969          $10.39         Regular   

The Ransom of Mercy Carter.                              Cooney, Caroline B.
0440227755        Books           
   F COO                  T 32350          $3.58          Regular   

Mississippi trial, 1955                                  Crowe, Chris.       
0142501921        Books           
   F CRO                  T 32552          $3.89          Regular   

Sixth grade can really kill you                          DeClements, Barthe  
8540382           Books           
   F DEC                  T 31714          $2.99          Regular   

Nothing's fair in fifth grade                            DeClements, Barthe.
   89048757       Books           
   F DEC                  T 31611          $2.99          Regular   

                       Burwell Jr.-Sr. High School

8/26/2010 @ 8:47am           Titles by Category                         Page 2
Title                                                    Author
   Call Number            Barcode          Price          Circ Type

The ghost of Fossil Glen                                 DeFelice, Cynthia C.
   97033230       Books           
   F DEF                  T 21074          $2.97          Regular   

Under the same sky                                       DeFelice, Cynthia C.
  2002025014      Books           
   F DEF                  T 32551          $10.40         Regular   

Night hoops                                              Deuker, Carl.       
  2001024647      Books           
   F DEU                  T 31559          $3.57          Regular   

Heart of a champion                                      Deuker, Carl.       
   92037231 /AC   Books           
   F DEU                  T 11564          $9.27          Regular   

Because of Winn-Dixie                                    DiCamillo, Kate.    
   99034260       Books           
   F DIC                  T 21050          $9.59          Regular   

The power of UN                                          Etchemendy, Nancy.  
0439313317        Books           
   F ETC                  T 32357          $2.93          Regular   

Pictures of Hollis Woods                                 Giff, Patricia Reill
  2002000426      Books           
   F GIF                  T 32562          $16.19         Regular   

Bronx masquerade                                         Grimes, Nikki.      
   00031701       Books           
   F GRI                  T 32363          $11.04         Regular   

The ghost sitter                                         Griffin, Peni R.    
0142302163        Books           
   F GRI                  T 32040          $3.89          Regular   

The Edison mystery                                       Gutman, Dan.        
0689841256        Books           
   F GUT                  T 32544          $3.24          Regular   

Don't you dare read this, Mrs. Dunphrey                  Haddix, Margaret Pet
   95043200       Books           
   F HAD                  T 21061          $2.99          Regular   

Hole in the sky                                          Hautman, Pete, 1952-
   00058324       Books           
   F HAU                  T 32361          $10.40         Regular   

The year of Miss Agnes                                   Hill, Kirkpatrick.  
0689851243        Books           
   F HIL                  T 32353          $3.24          Regular   

Soldier boys                                             Hughes, Dean.       
0689860218        Books           

                       Burwell Jr.-Sr. High School

8/26/2010 @ 8:47am           Titles by Category                         Page 3
Title                                                    Author
   Call Number            Barcode          Price          Circ Type
   F HUG                  T 32524          $3.24          Regular   

Breaking through                                         JimĂ©nez, Francisco,
0618342486        Books           
   F JIM                  T 32354          $4.52          Regular   

My brother made me do it.                                Kehret, Peg         
0671034197        Books           
   F KEH                  T 32349          $3.24          Regular   

Slap Your Sides.                                         Kerr, M.E.          
0064472744        Books           
   F KER                  T 32376          $3.50          Regular   

Can of worms                                             Mackel, Kathy       
9853346           Books           
   F MAC                  T 31777          $2.39          Regular   

Caleb's story                                            MacLachlan, Patricia
0064405907        Books           
   F MAC                  T 32526          $3.24          Regular   

Touching Spirit Bear.                                    Mikaelsen, Ben      
040702            Books           
   F MIK                  T 32352          $3.87          Regular   

Rescue Josh McGuiure                                     Mikaelsen, Ben      
9171386           Books           
   F MIK                  T 31769          $3.57          Regular   

My face to the wind : the diary of Sarah Jane Price, a p Murphy, Jim, 1947-  
  2001020315      Books           
   F MUR                  T 32360          $7.12          Regular   

Free radical                                             Murphy, Claire Rudol
  2001042268      Books           
   F MUR                  T 32561          $9.75          Regular   

The grand escape                                         Naylor, Phyllis     
0440409683        Books           
   F NAY                  T 31726          $2.99          Regular   

The haunting                                             Nixon, Joan Lowery.
   97032658       Books           
   F NIX                  T 20744          $9.57          Regular   

The graduation of Jake Moon                              Park, Barbara.      
0689839855        Books           
   F PAR                  T 32362          $3.24          Regular   

The Transall Saga                                        Paulsen, Gary       
0440219760        Books           
   F PAU                  T 21143          $3.30          Regular   

                       Burwell Jr.-Sr. High School

8/26/2010 @ 8:47am           Titles by Category                         Page 4
Title                                                    Author
   Call Number            Barcode          Price          Circ Type

Fair weather : a novel                                   Peck, Richard, 1934-
   00055561       Books           
   F PEC                  T 31879          $10.19         Regular   

Over the wall                                            Ritter, John H.     
99049911          Books           
   F RIT                  T 31729          $4.19          Regular   

The best worst school year ever.                         Robinson, Barbara   
9350891           Books           
   F ROB                  T 31807          $9.35          Regular   

Lord of the Deep.                                        Salisbury, Graham   
04470229111       Books           
   F SAL                  T 32359          $3.58          Regular   

Straw into gold                                          Schmidt, Gary D.    
   00060340       Books           
   F SCH                  T 32355          $9.75          Regular   

The war with grandpa                                     Smith, Robert Kimmel
0440492769        Books           
   F SMI                  T 31710          $2.99          Regular   

Jaguar                                                   Smith, Roland       
9636750           Books           
   F SMI                  T 31794          $3.57          Regular   

Zach's lie                                               Smith, Roland       
0786814403        Books           
   F SMI                  T 32525          $3.89          Regular   

Loser.                                                   Spinelli, Jerry     
2001047484        Books           
   F SPI                  T 31950          $3.89          Regular   

The Mysterious Matter of I. M. Fine.                     Stanley, Diane      
0380733277        Books           
   F STA                  T 32358          $3.89          Regular   

Surviving the Applewhites                                Tolan, Stephanie S.
0064410447        Books           
   F TOL                  T 32049          $3.89          Regular   

Ferret in the bedroom, lizards in the fridge             Wallace, Bill       
8521996           Books           
   F WAL                  T 31725          $2.39          Regular   

Memory boy                                               Weaver, Will        
006440854X        Books           
   F WEA                  T 32432          $3.59          Regular   

The barn burner                                          Willis, Patricia.   
   99042223       Books           

                       Burwell Jr.-Sr. High School

8/26/2010 @ 8:47am           Titles by Category                         Page 5
Title                                                    Author
   Call Number            Barcode          Price          Circ Type
   F WIL                  T 31799          $9.00          Regular   

Titanic crossing                                         Williams, Barbara   
0590944649        Books           
   F WIL                  T 31779          $2.70          Regular   

The ghost of Lizard Light                                Woodruff, Elvira.   
   99018958       Books           
   F WOO                  T 21191          $8.97          Regular   

Soldier X                                                Wulffson, Don L.    
   99049418       Books           
   F WUL                  T 32532          $11.04         Regular   

When the circus came to town                             Yep, Laurence       
0064409651        Books           
   F Yep                  T 32545          $3.89          Regular   

Superfudge                                               Blume, Judy.        
0440484332        Books           
   PB BLU                 T 10108          $2.10          Regular   

Flight #116 is down                                      Cooney, Caroline B.
   91009796 /AC   Books           
   PB COO                 T 10266          $1.95          Regular   

Danger Zone                                              Klass, David        
05904859811       Books           
   PB KLA                 T 20452          $2.99          Regular   

Shiloh Season                                            Naylor, Phyllis Reyn
   9532558        Books           
   PB NAY                 T 20085          $2.70          Regular   

Whispers from the dead                                   Nixon, Joan Lowery.
0385298099        Books           
   PB NIX                 T 20802          $2.70          Regular   

Freak the mighty: a novel.                               Philbrick, Rodman   
0590474138        Books           
   PB PHI                 T 15595          $3.99          Regular   

Night of the twisters                                    Ruckman, Ivy.       
0690044089        Books           
   PB RUC                 T 18709          $2.70          Regular   

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